Functional Nutrition Training Module 1



In clinical practice Functional Nutrition is the detailed application of specific dietary and nutrient supplement programs towards homeostasis and the restoration of and/or maintenance of health.

It is based on the premise that every individual is biochemically unique due to epigenetics, genetics, lifestyle choices, environment, up-bringing and nutrition, from preconception to the moment you assess them.

As such it requires a detailed assessment of a patient’s individual metabolic profile to determine their nutrient requirements.

In Module One we will introduce the learner to the principles of functional nutrition, key concepts in nutrition, the old and new paradigms of thinking and introduce the macronutrients. This module sets fundamental groundwork for future learning.

Future Modules will detail assessment and treatment of brain and other neurological physiological conditions from a brain based perspective, including the application of laboratory testing to determine an individual’s metabolic profile. This is the first module of twelve.


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